St Patricks Stand up Comedy Night

dodano 2018-02-27 11:13:16
2018-03-13 20:00
Grizzly Gin Bar, Warszawa, Wilcza 46
od 20 zł [KUP BILET]
With every comedy show sold out this year ( all one of them ) we bring you the hottest period for Comedy in the Year- the week of St PAtricks and the bestest venue in town - the Grizzly BAr! Some rooms have a view - on Tuesday, March 13, the room in Grizzly will have a Carriveau. American comedian living in Wroclaw, The Derrek Carriveau brings the latest edition of his headline show "A Room with a Carriveau" which highlights his wit, wordplay, and wrong-doings in all their splendid glory on topics such as raising bilingual children, hotel amenities, and style. Armed with a whiskey-warm voice, martini-dry charm, and an over-reliance on alcohol metaphors, The Derrek Carriveau aims his boozy humor at everyday life for something acerbic and honest.Hosting the show will be the obnoxious and provocative Generous Julian and we will also have some local acts preforming on the night. If u have any specific people u want to see on the Grizzly stage please give them a shout out in the comments! Anyone u like apart from Ravi please. THX Bilety do nabycia na: www.KupBilecik.pl

English Stand up Poland
Jim Williams
Jim Williams is an American mime, actor, clown, dancer, and stand-up comedian with a diploma and crushing student loans to prove it. For the last 10 years, Jim has lived in Poland. In that time he's: learned to speak Polish (sort of), eaten traditional Polish blood soup, started smoking, won top awards at Poland's largest comedy festivals (both with his physical comedy show Liquidmime, as well as with his Polish-language stand-up "UWAGA! I'm Gonna' MÓWIC Popolsku!"), quit smoking, almost died in the Polish mountains, started smoking again, toured the country, quit smoking, made 3 people with his Polish wife, visited the emergency room four times, started smoking again, entered and advanced to the semi-finals of Poland's Got Talent, quit smoking, founded the English stand-up community in Wroclaw, started smoking again, quit again, and is still alive to tell the tale. Bilety do nabycia na: www.KupBilecik.pl

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